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About Us

Al Fajer

Al Fajer Trading L.L.C, a general trading unit of AL FAJER GROUP, a fully national company owned by H. H. Sheikh Hasher Maktoum Juma Al Maktoum and was established in the year 1973. Over the years Al Fajer Trading L.L.C has developed an excellent sourcing network and it represents world renowned and reputed brands of products.

In 2013 Al Fajer Trading L.L.C is celebrating its 40th Anniversary under the theme "Establishing for the future".

Al Fajer Trading L.L.C has introduced some new brands to its range of products this year which are considered as the future products. Al Fajer Trading L.L.C is also proud to announce its overseas operations with the opening of its new office and showroom in the State of Qatar.

Having built an unparallel infrastructure for storage, sales and distribution backed by prompt after sales service, Al Fajer Trading L.L.C, today is one of the most leading professional trading organization for quality and service.




We are the most effective provider of services in remote and demanding environments. We take pride in delivering where and when others cannot. Whatever our client's needs are, we provide comprehensive solutions to ensure that the job gets done cost-effectively and is in a standard that exceeds your expectations.




Al Fajer Trading L.L.C Vision statement is based on the following solid principles, which inspire the group and its staff:

  • Be the Distributor of choice to our channel partners
  • Contribute to the well being of people and organizations
  • Maximize value by providing value