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  • Scientific Equipments

    Scientific Equipments

    Al Fajer Trading L.L.C is proud to be the Sole Distributor of Topcon Precision Positioning Instruments in United Arab Emirates and Qatar since 1985.

    Topcon is known for its innovation and top-notch equipment. We offer a full line of survey instruments designed using our exclusive technologies. From the most advanced robotic total station to the most rugged waterproof & affordable levels, our priority is productivity.  Topcon has also developed construction and agriculture equipment automation, integrated image processing and GPS technology. Topcon is now recognized around the globe as both a pioneer and leader in the precision positioning industry.

    We have a full-fledged TOPCON authorized SERVICE CENTER located in Dubai (Airport Road) and also Qualified Service Engineers trained from TOPCON, JAPAN. We do servicing and calibrations of TOPCON instruments with industrial standards DIN 18723 (ISO 12857). We have branch in Abu Dhabi, with service center.

    Our main dedicated survey instruments include GPSGlonass Receivers, Total stations (Robotic, Standard & reflector less), Digital Theodolite, Laser Instruments (Pipe laser, Horizontal Vertical) & Automatic Levels.

    When it's time for simple solutions for complicated problems, there's one name that stands above the competition: Topcon.

    Major Brands:

    • ATB series Autolevel
    • DT-300 series Theodolite
    • RL-H5A series Rotating Laser
    • Vivax Metrotech Cable Detector
    • GM 50 series Manual Total station
    • OS 200 series Windows based Total station
    • GT 600/1200 series Robotic Total station
    • GTL-1000 Laser Scanner mounted on Robotic Total station
    • GLS-2000 Geodetic Laser Scanner
    • IPS3 - Mobile Mapping System
    • Atmos Marlyn - VTOL Drone Solution




      Title File Size
      AT-B series Download 528 KB
      DS-series Download 1.33 MB
      ES_Brochure_ME Download 540 KB
      ES_E Download 1.84 MB
      ES_Series_7010_2097_RevA Download 3.84 MB
      FC-250_e Download 332 KB
      GPS SYSTEM (GR-5 Brochure Download 540 KB
      GR-5_Broch_7010_2071_RevD_TF_sm Download 388 KB
      GT-230N Download 658 KB
      HiPer_V_Broch_7010_2121_RevA_TF_sm_1 Download 677 KB
      hiper2_e Download 764 KB
      IP_S2_HD_6PG_Trifold_7010-2084_RevB_sm_0 Download 662 KB
      OS_Brochure_ME Download 451 KB
      OS_E Download 1.77 MB


      Headquarter Info


      Ras Al Khor Industrial Area - 2

      P.O. Box: 1600 Dubai - UAE


      Tel: (+971) 4 333 2985 / 333 1095

      Fax: (+971) 4 333 2981 / 333 1548


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