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  • Golf Cart Rental Dubai

    Golf Cart Rental Dubai have come a long way from their humble beginnings as Al Fajer Trading LLC Providing battery-powered vehicles transport.

    With the increase in golf cart popularity and demand--and the growing trend toward private consumer use-golf cart dealers and repair businesses are popping up all over the United Arab Emirates. If you are considering hiring golf cart on rental basis then you should consider quality golf carts supplier in Dubai.

    • 1. Al Fajer Trading LLC provides wide range of Golf carts with custom design option on affordable price.
    • 2. Golf Cart Repair Dubai and parts replacement is more difficult to handle. Al Fajer Trading LLC offered after sales service by factory-trained technicians. No problem where your golf cart has stopped.
    • 3. Customizing, like different coloring or your brand (Logo, picture etc.) installation new options into the golf carts like Utility box, Chiller Unit and portable car washing system.
    • 4. We will take care of golf cart maintenance, repair and parts replacement at your door-step fixing facility.
    • 5. EXCAR: - it has included Digital Speed Meter, Alloy wheel, turn signal, LED headlights, brake light, windshield that meet customer requirements.

    You can Buy / Rent any type Golf Cart like 2 Seater, 4 Seater, 6 Seater & 2 Seater with the Utility Box, Cargo Box, Laundry Box.

    Contact us: 04- 333 2985