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    Al Fajer Trading L.L.C offers exciting career opportunities across the UAE and other GCC countries.


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    Sokkia Total Station in UAE and GCC Markets – Buy from Al Fajer Trading LLC

    Looking for highly advanced total station – a modern surveying instrument that is capable enough to integrate an electronic theodolite with an electronic distance meter?


    Sokkia total station is the right option for you that is not available in UAE and GCC markets with complete user guide and maintenance service support to get the best use of it. Al Fajer Trading LLC has an exclusive range of Sokkia Total station provided with a complete user guide and after sales service support so that you can get the best use of the station. We provide you with detailed information about the station and a guide to use properly. You will get complete package with manufacturer’s warranty, verified user operating certificate and other benefits of purchasing Sokkia Total Station from us. Choose the best models online, go through the details and get the best range delivered in fully secure way and right to your address.


    Sokkia total station is an advanced optical surveying instrument using electronics to calculate angles and distances. In addition, it combines the functions of a theodolite with that of a transit auto-level, 3d laser scanner and electronic distance meter. We ensure supply to your address in fully secure way and with a complete guide. Feel free to contact us and get the best range delivered to your address.