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    We have Top Industry Standard PVC Grating Products

    As we are one of the leaders in the industry, we always provide top industry standard and affordably priced PVC Grating products for all your needs. We engage in providing an extensive collection of PVC grating all over the nation based on the different requirements of our customers. It is generally used in the different applications and as the best in class pvc product it is manufactured using the high quality polyvinyl chloride. It is highly resistant to the corrosion. All our pvc grating products are only high in quality to be suitable for all kinds of your applications. Our pvc grating generally requires only the lower installation cost and also very low maintenance.

    Features of Our PVC Grating Products:

    All our polyvinyl chloride (PVC) grating products are providing the features including,

    • Rust free
    • High quality
    • Fine finish
    • Wave top surface
    • Free of DOP
    • Free of ozone reducing substances
    • Free of DMF
    • Anti bacterially treated vinyl
    • Free of heavy metals
    • Free of silicone

    Our PVC grating product is most probably the multi-functional anti-slip matting thus it can be used for the various applications. As it contains a wave design, it makes a completely slip resistant surface which is increasing the traction on slippery and also the wet floors. Our products are basically the anti-bacterially treated vinyl which prevents the growth of the bacteria or fungi. At the same time, it has the open structure for the simple draining where the reliable sure footing is crucial.