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  • Al Fajer Information & Services




    The fast paced changes in technology, product and consumer preferences has increased a demand for disseminating information through the most effective medium of marketing communications, thus giving an added incentive to exhibitions!


    Founded in 1975, Al Fajer Information & Services (AFIS) nurtured fairs and exhibitions with an objective to connect the world of business. Since, AFIS has made a substantial contribution to the exhibition industry by organizing international trade fairs in Dubai-the busiest trading the re-export centre of the Middle East. An acclaimed position in Dubai has led AFIS into the global market, and international affiliations with UFI (France), OCTANORM Vertreibs GmbH, (Germany), Messe Duesseldorf (Germany), Messe Munich/IMAG (Germany), and Ahoy Rotterdam (Netherlands), Meserlli, (Switzerland), has boosted AFIS to achieve an unparalleled position in organizing international fairs, both in the specialized and general sectors.


    AFIS also excels in exhibition stand construction and display solutions and have to their credit listing most of the leading international companies.


    Its five divisions viz. Fairs & Exhibitions, International Exhibit Builders, OCTANORM Vertreibs GmbH, Germany, Display & Shop fitting and Design & Graphics have branded AFIS as a complete exhibition solution company, trusted by business communities!


    Last but not the least; I must hasten to add that AFIS confidentially boasts of being very well equipped to face any new challenges of the exhibition world!


    • Organization of Fairs, Exhibitions & Conferences

    • Trade Fair / Event Management

    • Exhibition Stand Construction

    • Exhibition Stand Design

    • Graphics & Signage

    • Octanorm Systems

    • Exhibition Displays & Fixtures

    • Shop fitting & Display

    • Exhibition Publicity Materials

    • Interior Decoration

    • Furniture, Carpet & Electrical Rentals

    • Media Productions


    Contact Details:
    P.O. Box: 11183
    Dubai, UAE
    Tel: + 971 4 3406888
    Fax: +971 4 3403608
    Email: alfajer@emirates.net.ae
    Web: www.alfajer.net


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